For charity

Nativity set for Foundation in Poland

In 2017 together with Tommy Craggs we made for charity nativity set as wood carvings of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. This project was for Saint Anthony Foundation in Ustroń in Poland which is providing meals for homeless and poor people and helping them solve other problems in their hard life situations. This nativity set is outside foundation whole year to remember that Jesus was born in poor stable.

Butterfly on Tree of Life in Dublin

In 2018 while helping Tommy with work on Tree of Life in Dublic lady asked if we can carve butterfly on the tree in memory of sixteen years old Ciara that sadly passed away just two weeks before. We both straight agreed and I carved it and used letter C on upper wings in memory of Ciara.

As arount the same time my friend from roller derby community, which I was part of in 2016 in Milton Keynes, passed away too so I put on lower wings #762 her derby number as in memory of Catherine „All That Chas” Scott.

Willen Hospice

In 2019 I carved this wooden swan relief as a donation for Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes where I was working half year in 2016 as a kitchen assistant. Working in this place in very close cooperation with nurses and patients relatives and being so close to death every day and doing all what is possible for patiens had big impact on my life.


Later in 2019 Tommy was carving memorial bench for Mandy on which I carved writing. We delivered bench together and met her sister Kerry. This is how I heard about Mandy, her life and that she was artist too. Straight after I’ve join Facebook group ’Mandy Rocks’ in which people to honour and remember Mandy paint rocks and leave them to find and post a photo of them. Rocks that will make poeple smile, make people thing, bring people joy and raise awareness for mental health. I left five in Poland and Czech Republic and gave two to my friend which she left in Germany and Ecuador.
Check FB group ’Mandy Rocks’ and join us.