About us

Welcome to my story

I am Patrycja Picha and I’m from Cieszyn in Poland. I finished there University with title Master of Arts in sculpture and photography. 

From June 2018 I started to work in UK as 'Patrycja Picha sculptor’ and took part in some projects for Tommy Craggs Tree Sculpting.

I left UK in September 2020 but I didn’t give up on my art.

Currently I live and work in Denmark. I don’t have much time at the moment to work on my art but spirit is still alive and active in my free of work time 😉

My wood sculptures and paintings are in private collections in Poland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden and in USA.

As a sculptor artist I am strongly inspired by nature, women, angels and abstract, often blending all these topics together. I initially worked in clay and plaster whilst at university but adopted wood after finishing my education as my chosen and favourite medium which I sculpt with all the time now.
From the idea to ready sculpture it’s a long way of analisys and connecting in carving heart and mind together.
I also paint, putting onto canvas what I actually feel, painting it as abstract colours. One of my last exhibitions had title 'Feelings’ because of the emotions and feelings I put in my artwork. You can see it on my paintings in 'Gallery’.
I love colours so much that I often paint my wood carvings too.
From 2011 till 2017 I was organising and getting part in wood carving festival in Ustroń (Poland) making each year new three metres high sculpture which are still there to see. During those seven years I left there six big carvings which you can see on photos here. Actually five of them are to see there because rabbit sculpture was too damaged by tourists sitting on it and taking photos. I treat it as a compliment that people liked it too much actually.

My exhibitions in Poland:

2005 – Katowice, Art Shop Cafe Tohunga
2006 – Photography Festival, Rybnik
2006 – Wisła, Gallery at Grandad, individual exhibition
2007 – Best Diplomas 2007, Silesian University, Cieszyn
2008 – 'First breath’- Gallery Dot, Czech Cieszyn
2017 – 'Feelings’ – individual exhibition, Wisła, JanosikArt
2018 – individual exhibition, Public Library in Lipowa